Good will be really good at the mac on Thursday

Vula Viel

Vula Viel

Vula Viel is the name of the band – it translates from the Dagaare language of Ghana as Good Is Good – and good is certainly a fitting description of the time the band and its audience has at its lively performances. There is one on Thursday at the mac in Birmingham.

Bex Birch is the driving force behind Vula Viel. She has spent a good while in Ghana learning to build and play the gyil, an African xylophone. She is assisted by a band of young UK musicians with big ears and eclectic tastes. They dress the music with a mix of instruments that go from ancient to high tech, and mix compulsive beats with catchy melodicism.

The results are thrilling.

  • You can read more about Bex Birch, her experiences and the band HERE.
  • Full details of the mac gig, which starts at 8pm, and booking are HERE.

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