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Oddarrang – Agartha

(Edition Records) The Finnish quintet of drummer Olavi Louhivuori, trombonist Ilmari Pohjola, guitarist Lasse Sakara, bassist Lasse Lindgren and cellist Osmo Iknonen create a compelling sound world which is highly distinctive and has a cinematic feel to it. In this… Read More ›

Eyolf Dale – Wolf Valley

(Edition) It all makes sense, even the recording dates: 8 and 9 December 2015. In Norway it’s likely to be chilly, and the evocative cover photograph of snow-clouded pines is an accurate reflection of the beautiful music that is contained… Read More ›

Tim Garland – One

(Edition) Saxophonist Tim Garland is not the kind of musician to make simple music. Sure, he can construct a melody out of relatively simple pieces – take the opener here, Sama’i For Peace, which has a tune based on phrases… Read More ›

Jason Rebello – Held

(Edition Records) Jason Rebello has had a busy time as a pianist, from playing with Tommy Smith when they were both the new kids on the block, to touring internationally with stadium-fillers like Sting and rock gods like Jeff Beck. After a… Read More ›

Phronesis – Parallax

(Edition Records) This is the sixth album from the Anglo-Scandinavian trio of double bassist Jasper Høiby, pianist Ivo Neame and drummer Anton Eger (well, very nearly – Eger’s place was taken by Mark Guiliana on one of them; the pianist… Read More ›