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Anoushka Shankar

Review and picture by Garry Corbett Symphony Hall, Birmingham UK 10-11-2016 The sitar in popular music has a chequered history. The 1960s of course raised its profile somewhat with the adoption of the instrument by a certain band and in… Read More ›

Rollins remembers Wellins

Sonny Rollins’ tribute is just one of many heartfelt dedications to the Scottish saxophonist Bobby Wellins collected by London Jazz News and published earlier today. Their depth of feeling and respect for this modest, witty and characterful player who died last… Read More ›

Whose are the hands?

He’s responsible for a lot of your Birmingham Friday evening treats… Find out the identity of the latest guest in photographer Garry Corbett’s Stolen Moments series, as well his 5-a-day recommendations. It’s all HERE.


Words and pictures by Garry Corbett Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton UK 23-04-2016 All but one of the compositions played by the trio known as Malija at the Arena came from their only album to date The Day I Had Everything. That… Read More ›

Zoe Gilby Quartet

Picture and review by Garry Corbett Symphony Hall Cafe Bar 08-04-2016 Zoe Gilby and her band made their first Jazzlines Commuter Jazz appearance on Friday, having failed in an attempt to make the gig a year previously due to unforeseen traffic… Read More ›