CD reviews: 06-10-08

Dave Holland Sextet: Pass It On (Emarcy) ***** Yes, it’s predictable. Another Dave Holland and another full house of stars.The band may have changed but the standards are always of the highest, the playing is always exciting and the music enriching…. Read More ›

CD reviews 29-09-08

Curios: Closer (Impure) **** Pianist and composer Tom Cawley, bassist Sam Burgess and drummer Joshua Blackmore begin delicately with a tune and mood that suggests a formally simple and exquisitely charged dance – a sarabande for two, perhaps, played out in… Read More ›

CD reviews 22-09-08

 Zoe & Idris Rahman: Where Rivers Meet (Manushi) ***** Having first heard some of this music in concert at the mac in December last year, and been bowled over by it, my expectations of this album were dangerously high. Remarkably, it has… Read More ›

CD reviews 15-09-08

Alan Skidmore’s Ubizo: 50 Journeys (Provocateur) **** South African jazz has taken an inexplicably low profile over the past decade or so, which is a pity because there is still much energy and inspiration to be found there. Thankfully British tenor saxophonist… Read More ›