Goodbye for now from thejazzbreakfast…

… and maybe forever. Who knows? What is certain is that this site will remain as an archive of all that has gone into it (over 3,500 posts) but it will revert to an address of in a few days’ time and will not, for the forseeable future, be acquiring fresh content.

Important note to musicians: Please do not send me your CDs! If you want your new release considered for review by me or a whole bunch of other finer writers, look here: LondonJazz News. (See the Team page for details of how to submit your work.)

Thank you for reading this site over all these years, and farewell from the kitchen.



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5 replies

  1. We’ll miss thejazzbreakfast, Peter. You leave a wealth of riches behind you, as London Jazz News welcomes the arrival of your knowledge and wisdom. MH

  2. Sorry you are signing off and thanks for all your hard work. Hope all is well
    Bill ( Blast Off)

  3. Thanks for your time, enthusiasm and many interesting and informative articles

  4. Sad to hear you are shutting down the blog. Will be fondly remembered!

  5. Peter. Thanks for this news and thanks for all your support of the Worshipful Company and our jazz programme here in London (and elsewhere!). As I understand it, you will be continuing to contribute on LJN – a fine piece of work by Seb Scotney and team. Go well and, see you on Twitter etc. Steve Plumb, More-than-jazz! Promotions.

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