Liam Scully

Liam @ Diskery jazzbreakfastPortrait of Liam taken at The Diskery in Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham on 6 June 2015.

By Garry Corbett

I see this portrait as a companion piece to my image of Jimmy Shannon with whom Liam worked for many years. In my mind they are a double act. In it he is wearing a tee shirt designed by his teenage son Oscar. It bears the legend “Art is Long”.

Liam Scully had a desire to be either a painter or an album cover designer. His school careers adviser recommended that he should go to work for a printers. Advice which Liam ignored. Instead he became as he puts it “a musical inmate of Birmingham’s most illustrious vinyl record dealer”. He has worked at The Diskery for 44 years and with the recent retirement of Jimmy Shannon after 47 years is now the “oldest inmate”. He was born in 1952. Significantly this was the year that the pop charts were first compiled and the year of The Diskery’s embryonic beginning.

His twin passions in life are music and art. His passion for the latter led to his paintings being exhibited on numerous occasions in Birmingham’s RBSA Gallery.

Take Five

Liam recommends the following 5-a-day:

The Greatest Album Covers Of All Time (a book by Barry Miles, Grant Scott & Johnny Morgan).

Carl Orff’s choral work Carmina Burana (Czech Philharmonic Chorus & Instrumental Ensemble – Supraphon 2SUP0025).

The Complete Works of EST (it doesn’t exist as such but these albums are inseperable).

Hieronymus Bosch’s painting The Last Judgement (to be viewed while listening to Orff’s music!).

Wine – a favourite is an Australian Shiraz called Bushland (Aldi £4.59).

Photo and words © Garry Corbett

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  1. Great pic Garry. Nice 5 a day Liam. Didn’t know it had been that long, or that we shared a favourite band. Big love, mark in worcester

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