Alan Musson

Alan Musson @ Bridge Radio May 25th 2015 copyI photographed Alan on 25 May 2015 in the grounds of The Bridge Radio in Stourbridge.

By Garry Corbett

Alan presents Jazz Kaleidoscope on Monday nights from 9-11 PM on The ‘Bridge Radio 102.5 FM  and available at He also presents a Jazz What’s On for Big Centre TV, the new television station for Birmingham and the Black Country. He is studying for an MA in Radio and Audio Production at BCU.

In a former life he spent 30 years as a lawyer. He once fancied himself to be a saxophonist but soon realised the error of his ways but is left with a wonderful collection of horns, some of them in working condition. He writes for Jazz Rag and SLAP Magazines. He has ambitions to write a novel.

Take Five

Alan recommends the following 5-a-day:

The One That Got Away, a favourite track from the Emm Cee 5, a group from 1961 led by pianist Mike Carr and featuring brother Ian Carr on trumpet with Garry Cox on tenor sax.

Starless and Bible Black from the original version of Stan Tracey’s Under Milk Wood suite with Bobby Wellins playing majestic tenor saxophone recorded in 1965.

Harold McNair. One of those rare albums where every track is a “keeper”. McNair on flute, Bill Lesage, piano, Spike Heatley, bass and Tony Carr, drums from 1968.

So Many Reasons, an album by vocalist and bassist John Lester which features Theo Travis on saxophones and flutes from 2006.

Gavin Harrison’s Cheating the Polygraph. “Something I’m currently enjoying greatly. The compositions of progressive rock drummer/percussionist Harrison arranged for a wonderful brass section by Laurence Cottle. Highly recommended and it’s a new release.”

Photo and words © Garry Corbett

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