Get your pre-Chelt fix with Prometheus

One of Jake-Andrew Nason's images inspired by Prometheus.

One of Jake-Andrew Nason’s images inspired by Prometheus.

Greek mythology, a Russian composer who died 101 years ago, jazz and live visuals all come together at the Old Joint Stock Theatre next Thursday. The man behind it is pianist, composer and currently 4th year Birmingham Conservatoire student Olly Chalk and he will have ten fellow musicians, a conductor and a visual artist to help him.

The project is called Prometheus, and it’s a suite inspired by Alexander Scriabin. The band suggests a chamber orchestral sound: with Olly on piano are Ellie Taylor, flute; Juliana Day, recorders; Jenny Wood, oboe/cor anglais; Vittorio Mura, tenor saxophone/bass clarinet; Tom Syson, trumpet; David Sear, trombone; Ning-ning Li, violin; Lucy French, cello; Benedict Muirhead, double bass; and Nathan England-Jones, drums. The conductor is Alex Astbury.

The performance will be backed up by paintings from Jake-Andrew Nason who will also be creating some live visual material to go with the music.

So, whet your appetite for a weekend down Cheltenham way with a fiery pre-up at the Old Joint Stock Theatre – it’s in Temple Row, Birmingham city centre, doors open at 7.30pm and the music starts at 8.30pm. Tickets are between £5 and £12.50.

  • For more see the event page on Facebook HERE. 

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