Food – This Is Not A Miracle

this is not a miracle(ECM)

The Anglo-Norwegian duo of saxophonist Iain Ballamy and drummer Thomas Strønen is joined here by Austrian guitarist Christian Fennesz.

Food’s style of atmospheric, electronics-drenched music has had some consistency ever since the band was a quartet with trumpeter Arve Henriksen and bassist Mats Eilertsen, but there has always been flexibility, and each release has had a different mood.

This time all 11 tracks are by Strønen, who sets up marvellously musical drum patterns and decorates them with electronic sounds. Ballamy and Fennesz add their own rich smears and films of melody and texture. Food have a particular way of creating space, not only between instruments but a kind of hinterland stretching out around them, filled with light and shadow, matt surfaces and gloss, watery reflections and skidding, gossamer clouds.

The often slightly dreamy feel is broken up with grooves which come and go, as well as the occasional sudden, dramatic turn of a corner and into a new mood and scene, and the whole thing has the multiple atmospheres and interweaving stories of a strange but inexplicable movie, a movie for which the listener has no trouble creating his or her own images.

  • Food, with trumpeter Percy Pursglove as guest, will be playing at the mac in Birmingham on December 2. More here.

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