tore brunborg

Tord Gustavsen Quartet

Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton, UK 16-03-2014 Of course there is always more to music than just the notes and chords and beat and rhythm. There is the effect that all those audio-physical phenomena have upon the listener – the body, the… Read More ›

CD review: Manu Katché

Manu Katché (ECM 370 9456) The drummer’s fourth album for ECM opens with just his characteristic playing: easy, open, with a deeply musical groove, a steady high-hat holding the pace while he creates lines with a combination of snare, bass… Read More ›

CD review: Meadow

Blissful Ignorance (Edition Records EDN1025) What an absolute joy this trio disc is. Tore Brunborg, the Norwegian saxophonist, John Taylor, the British pianist, and Thomas Stronen, the Norwegian drummer, together for the first time in a recording studio, and striking… Read More ›

Disc of the day: 11-06-10

Mats Eilertsen: Radio Yonder (Hubro CD2051) The double bass player was in Birmingham late last year playing in the band of Tord Gustavsen, as was the saxophonist here, Tore Brunborg. The quartet is completed by Thomas T Dahl on guitar… Read More ›

Disc of the day: 12-05-10

Ketil Bjornstad/Jon Christensen/Tore Brunborg: Remembrance (ECM 273 2490) The title says a lot – 11 pieces called Remembrance I to Remembrance XI, all linked by graceful, contemplative tunes and graceful, contemplative playing. But while the act of remembering might have… Read More ›