Disc of the day: 19-02-10

Dok Wallach: Live In Lisbon (Jazzwerkstatt 076) Nope, Dok Wallach isn’t a person but a Berlin-based band: Michael Thieke on alto saxophone and clarinets, Daniel Erdmann on tenor, Johannes Fink on bass and Heinrich Kobberling on drums. This disc, recorded… Read More ›

Disc of the day: 07-11-09

Tony Oxley/Derek Bailey: Quartet (jazzwerkstatt 033) Recorded in Cardiff in 1993, this finds experimental improv veterans drummer/percussionist Oxley and guitarist Bailey working with two younger explorers, Pat Thomas on piano and electronics and Matt Wand on sampler. As with anything… Read More ›

Disc of the day: 22-10-09

Jamaaladeen Tacuma: Coltrane Configurations (jazzwerkstatt 066) One of this excellent German label’s CDs from live broadcasts on WDR Radio in Cologne. This one was recorded in Dortmund a year ago and features the iconoclastic Philadelphian electric bassist leading a quartet… Read More ›

Disc of the day: 21-07-09

Trevor Watts: Deep Blue (jazzwerkstatt 084) The German label again delivers with this solo set from a veteran of the jazz/world interface (indeed one of its early exponents) and one of the saving graces of that rather decayed South Coast… Read More ›

Disc of the day: 29-06-09

Hyperactive Kid: 3 (jazzwerkstatt 028) So what are young Berliners doing with jazz? Well, on the grounds of this lively third album, not a lot different from what young Londoners are doing. Hyperactive Kid is Philipp Gropper on saxophone, Ronny… Read More ›

Disc of the day: 04-06-09

David Murray Black Saint Quartet: Live In Berlin (jazzwerkstatt jw035) Oh joy of joys – a jubilant piano introduction over a Latin-infused beat, somewhat reminiscent of the later work of Don Pullen, and that life-giving elixir that pours from David… Read More ›

Disc of the day: 18-05-09

Conny Bauer: Der Gelbe Klang (jazzwerkstatt JW038) Jazzwerkstatt Peitz was at one time the biggest jazz festival outside Berlin in the German democratic republic, and brought together the jazz avant garde with names on the bills including Albert Mangelsdorff, Elton… Read More ›