Birmingham Jazz Orchestra

Symphony Hall Stage, Birmingham UK 21-09-2016 This Jazzlines gig was also the official launch of Rough Boundaries, Birmingham Jazz Orchestra’s second album since its formation in 2014. Jacky Naylor, composer and conductor of this suite consisting of musical portraits of five… Read More ›

Jason Rebello – Held

(Edition Records) Jason Rebello has had a busy time as a pianist, from playing with Tommy Smith when they were both the new kids on the block, to touring internationally with stadium-fillers like Sting and rock gods like Jeff Beck. After a… Read More ›

Mike Fletcher Jazz Orchestra

Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham UK 16-04-2016 This concert was presented as part of the Rhythm Changes conference which had been happening at Birmingham City University for four days. The theme of the international jazz conference this time around was Jazz… Read More ›

Zoe Gilby Quartet

Picture and review by Garry Corbett Symphony Hall Cafe Bar 08-04-2016 Zoe Gilby and her band made their first Jazzlines Commuter Jazz appearance on Friday, having failed in an attempt to make the gig a year previously due to unforeseen traffic… Read More ›