July/August CD releases in brief

Here are paragraphs about some of the music I was listening to these past two months which I couldn’t devote full reviews to: Stein Urheim – Strandebarm (Hubro): The third release on the excellent Norwegian label from the guitarist/multi-instrumentalist and largely… Read More ›

Finland – Rainy Omen

(Hubro) Despite the band name, this is a Norwegian quartet of musicians you might know from other bands: drummer Pål Hausken and keyboard player Morten Qvenild play in In The Country, and Qvenild was also, of course, Susanna’s one-man Magical… Read More ›

Huntsville – Pond

(Hubro HUBROCD2549) This Norwegian guitar, bass and drums trio’s last album was a dark, (almost) underground affair. This is lighter and airier, but no less inventive. Ivar Grydeland‘s use of pedal steel guitar and Ingar Zach‘s busy brushwork add some brighter… Read More ›

Moskus – Mestertyven

(Hubro HUBROCD2535; HUBROLP3535) For every jazz group the relationship between pre-conceived elements and ones created on the fly is a complex one, and each group tackles it in their own way. The Norwegian trio of pianist Anja Lauvdal, bassist Fredrik… Read More ›

1982 – A/B

(Hubro HUBROCD2532 HUBROLP3532) 1982 is a trio of Nils Økland (Hardanger fiddles, violin, voice), Sigbjørn Apeland (harmonium, piano) and Øyvind Skarbø (drums, percussion). The titles of the tracks on this, their fourth album, are all taken from their length in… Read More ›

Bly De Blyant – Hindsight Bias

(Hubro CD2539/LP3539) Bly De Blyant is a trio of drummer Øyvind Skarbø from Norway, guitarist Hilmar Jensson from Iceland, and bassist, multi-instrumentalist Shahzad Ismaily from Brooklyn, NY. Skarbø describes the opener, Jiddu, as an attempt to create a tune that could… Read More ›

Stein Urheim

(Hubro HUBROCD2529/HUBROLP3529) Urheim is a Norwegian multi-instrumentalist with eclectic tastes and a wide skill set. Basically, if it’s got strings, he’ll have a go. So on this second album under his own name – he has also recorded with singer… Read More ›

Skadedyr – Kongekrabbe

(Hubro HUBROCD2536/HUBROLP3536) A good example of when more is more – this Norwegian band, described in its publicity as democratic/anarchistic, comprises 12 musicians playing a huge variety of instruments, including brass, guitars, keyboards, strings and accordion, plus two drummers. This… Read More ›