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Disc of the day: 28-07-10

Spin Marvel: The Reluctantly Politicised Mr James (Edition EDN1020) This is the second album from the Anglo-Norwegian band led by drummer Martin France, and it’s a full five years since the first one, due in no small part, I’m guessing,… Read More ›

Disc of the day: 19-04-10

Dave Stapleton Quintet: Between The Lines (Edition Records EDN1017) Edition Records boss, pianist, composer and bandleader Dave Stapleton really hits all the bases with this third album. The band is Stapleton on electric and acoustic pianos, Ben Waghorn on saxophone,… Read More ›

Disc of the day: 29-03-10

Curios: The Other Place (Edition Records) The second CD from Tom Cawley’s piano trio feels like a really strong development, and that’s taking into account how strong the first one was. The rapport between pianist Cawley, bassist Sam Burgess and… Read More ›

Disc of the day: 04-03-10

Secret Quartet: Bloor Street (Edition Records EDN1019) The Secret Quartet is Martin Speake on alto saxophone and Nikki Iles on piano from the UK, and Duncan Hopkins on bass and Anthony Michelli on drums from Canada. This is their second… Read More ›

Disc of the day: 31-07-09

Troyka: Troyka (Edition Records EDN1014) I realise that bands like Troyka would prefer not to have the jazz tag attached to them for fear it may alienate their younger audience, so apologies in advance for reviewing this disc here. Even… Read More ›

CD reviews: 13-04-09

Jon Hassell: Last Night The Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes In The Street (ECM 179 2638) Trumpeter Jon Hassell compares his way of making music to creating montages of sound, but even that doesn’t quite capture the full nature of… Read More ›