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CD review: Marius Neset

Birds (Edition Records EDN1040) It’s 25 March and the CD that could still stand on 31 December as the most impressive jazz release of 2013 is available for purchase. Yippee! And should you have any doubts, I’d listen to the… Read More ›

CD review: Troyka

Moxxy (Edition Records) Not to be confused with the ’60s Canadian rock band of the same name, this trio of guitarist Chris Montague with Joshua Blackmore on drums and Kit Downes on keyboards goes from strength to strength, with this… Read More ›

CD review: Dave Stapleton

Flight (Edition Records EDN1032) The pianist, composer and head of Edition Records, has enlisted the brilliant Danish saxophonist Marius Neset together with Dave Kane on double bass, Olavi Louhivuori on drums and the Brodowski String Quartet. At the beginning the… Read More ›

CD review: Phronesis

Walking Dark (Edition Records EDN1031) At the start of the opening title track of this fourth disc from the Anglo-Scandinavian piano trio, there is a moment when, so fidgety are Jasper Hoiby’s double bass and Anton Eger’s that I thought… Read More ›

CD review: Marius Neset

Golden Xplosion (Edition Records EDN1027) There have been lots of lovely jazz CDs released in the last few months, but it’s been a while since a disc has leapt from the speakers and pinned the listener against the wall in… Read More ›

CD review: Kairos 4tet

Statement of Intent (Edition Records) From the first soprano saxophone-stated bustling melody with a Middle Eastern tinge, into the beautifully articulated double bass solo and on to the determinedly building piano solo that opens this disc – it’s the title… Read More ›

CD review: Meadow

Blissful Ignorance (Edition Records EDN1025) What an absolute joy this trio disc is. Tore Brunborg, the Norwegian saxophonist, John Taylor, the British pianist, and Thomas Stronen, the Norwegian drummer, together for the first time in a recording studio, and striking… Read More ›