Disc of the day: 18-09-09

John Surman: Brewster’s Rooster (ECM 270 1112) A bit of a change for the just-turned-65 saxophonist – this is a relatively conventional jazz quartet playing relatively conventional jazz quartet music. That’s conventional as in “following traditional forms and genres” –… Read More ›

Disc of the day: 22-08-09

Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble: The Moment’s Energy (ECM 177 4798) This group has been described as a new kind of chamber orchestra, for while it contains some of the instruments you might find in a conventional classical ensemble (double bass,… Read More ›

Disc of the day: 22-06-09

Louis Sclavis: Lost On The Way (ECM 179 8497) The French clarinettist always delivers and never compromises, but while some of his past ECM releases have become firm favourites, I’m not so sure about this one. Certainly it opens attractively… Read More ›

Disc of the day: 30-05-09

Vassilis Tsabropoulos: The Promise (ECM 1773377) The Athens-born classically trained pianist notches up his second solo piano disc for ECM with this set of original compositions plus his own version of a Greek folk song. The pieces are mainly composed… Read More ›

Disc of the day: 21-05-09

Marc Sinan/Julia Hulsmann: Fasil (ECM 177 3154) With a Turkish-Armenian mother and a German father, classical guitarist Marc Sinan has an East-West fusion in his genes. For this ambitious project, his librettist Marc Schiffer constructed a set of lyrics about… Read More ›

CD reviews: 13-04-09

Jon Hassell: Last Night The Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes In The Street (ECM 179 2638) Trumpeter Jon Hassell compares his way of making music to creating montages of sound, but even that doesn’t quite capture the full nature of… Read More ›

CD reviews: 06-04-09

Andy Sheppard: Movements In Colour (ECM 1795042) It was only a question of time – the British saxophonist’s musical path has been leading him in an ECM-compatible direction for a while now. All the members of his quintet will be… Read More ›

CD reviews: 01-12-08

Jim Hall & Bill Frisell: Hemispheres (artistShare) ***** One is less than a minute into this disc, Jim Hall’s unmistakeable bell-like electric guitar tone and graceful improvising line in the left speaker, and Bill Frisell’s heavily delayed guitar coming and… Read More ›