The new mainstream in jazz

Tony Dudley-Evans* reflects on the Jazzlines autumn season and what it might reveal about the state of jazz in 2013.  Early in the Jazzlines autumn season Liam Noble gave with his Brother Face quintet a very interesting seminar/workshop about his approach to jazz, writing for the… Read More ›

Donald Fagen

Eminent Hipsters (Published by Jonathan Cape, ISBN 978-0-224-09962-2) Yep, the eminent hipster who is the singer, keyboard player and half of Steely Dan, has written a book. It’s a slim thing, a compilation of sorts, including some musings on people… Read More ›

Jazz time remembered

By Steve Tromans “For [Louis] Armstrong, time is elastic, capable of infinite reshaping, unbound by artificial divisions into equal beats.” – Scott DeVeaux[1] “It is quite possible to divide an object, but not an act.” – Henri Bergson[2] This article is… Read More ›

Jazz practises knowledge

By Steve Tromans “Man, if you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” – Louis Armstrong “Practice-as-research is a knowledge-political intervention.” – Susan Melrose [1] This second research article for thejazzbreakfast follows on from the concerns of its predecessor (see… Read More ›