Rollins remembers Wellins

Sonny Rollins’ tribute is just one of many heartfelt dedications to the Scottish saxophonist Bobby Wellins collected by London Jazz News and published earlier today. Their depth of feeling and respect for this modest, witty and characterful player who died last… Read More ›

The actress who is one of us

“I want to see live theatre. I want to not quite know where it’s going—so, when you see performers, you feel like they’re inventing it as they go along, rather than doing something that’s polished.” That’s the actress Janet McTeer talking to John… Read More ›

Whose are the hands?

He’s responsible for a lot of your Birmingham Friday evening treats… Find out the identity of the latest guest in photographer Garry Corbett’s Stolen Moments series, as well his 5-a-day recommendations. It’s all HERE.