All change at thejazzbreakfast as the head chef migrates

empty-kitchenWelcome to 2017 and to a farewell of sorts – not so much a goodbye as an au revoir. I’ll be keeping this site going as an occasional pop-up for personal reflections and the odd jazz review (as well as its substantial archive), but mainly I’m going to be exploring the Midlands’ jazz scene and other broader jazz topics as the Editor-At-Large for LondonJazz News.

After ten years of solid jazz ‘n’ breakfast dedication, it’s a chance to give the ever-burgeoning Birmingham scene a wider audience than I could ever achieve in this little kitchen. It’s also an opportunity to refresh and re-inspire my own rather tired tastebuds within a new outlet, and get involved in new projects to develop LondonJazz News.

I’m also hoping to continue contributing to the print media of Jazzwise magazine and The Birmingham Post for as long as they’ll have me.

So, thanks for reading – I really appreciate it. And don’t go away completely! Check in here from time to time but do also follow LondonJazz News for jazz news not just from London and the wider world, but now from the West Midlands too.

  • LondonJazz News is HERE.

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9 replies

  1. Good luck with the new role.
    Happy 2017

  2. Peter, belated season’s greetings and happy new year!

    Congrats on this lovely and much deserved news. Gosh, lucky London/UK jazz scene having you at the helm. Such a fabulous decision.

    Much love and all the best for the new adventure, Nicky x

  3. Many thanks for your tireless work setting us up with a nourishing start to the day. It will be missed, but I look forward to keeping track of your new adventures: the West Midlands jazz scene has never been healthier.
    Best wishes for 2017.

  4. Very enjoyable posts -enjoy your new role and keep up your promotion of a sadly under valued art form.

  5. I have really enjoyed reading your posts on Jazz Breakfast. Will still keep this in my bookmarks. All the best for the New Year and will tune into London Jazz News!

  6. All the best with the new position, you’ve done a great job at thejazzbreakfast

  7. Happy New Year Peter. Hope you get to one of our gigs in 2017. We’re launching the new Darius Brubeck Quartet CD ‘Years Ago’ at Ronnie’s on Feb. 13.

  8. Congratulations on all you’ve achieved with TJB – the best jazz blog in the UK. Good luck with the next stage Peter. Happy New Year!

  9. Happy New Year! Great news! A wonderful pairing. Have fun!

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