2016 Festive Fifty – 10-1

My ten favourite CDs from 2016:


Jakob Bro



Review HERE

new direction9

Herlin Riley

New Direction

(Mack Avenue)

Review HERE



Together, As One


Review HERE

fellow creatures7

Jasper Høiby

Fellow Creatures


Review HERE

lets get deluxe6

The Impossible Gentlemen

Let’s Get Deluxe

(Basho Records)

Review HERE

when you wish upon a stra5

Bill Frisell

When You Wish Upon A Star


Review HERE

into the silence4

Avishai Cohen

Into The Silence


Review HERE


Keith Jarrett

A Multitude Of Angels


Review HERE

I long to see you2

Charles Lloyd & The Marvels

I Long To See You

(Blue Note)

Review HERE

what was said1

Tord Gustavsen/Simin Tander/Jarle Vespestad

What Was Said


Review HERE

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4 replies

  1. Ouch! Not even in the top 50. Good we all have our own opinions though 🙂 I thought Alison had made a lovely album and it has had 2 or 3 exceptional reviews. I still love your blog Happy Christmas Deirdre



  2. As I have explained right at the top of every Festive Fifty I have done, this is very much my personal subjective top 50 rather than an attempt at an objective “critic’s” top 50. These are the albums of 2016 that have brought me most pleasure and not a “Best of…” Yes, we all have our own opinions. And Hallelujah to that! Happy Christmas to you, Deirdre.

  3. Thanks Peter – a really interesting perspective on the year’s releases, many of which I have been lucky to enjoy. Looking forward to more excellent reviews and discoveries next year. Season’s greetings, Tim.

  4. Thanks for all your reviews Peter – I regularly buy based on your opinion and have yet to be disappointed .

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