Magic sparks at The Red Lion tonight

The Alison Rayner Quintet

The Alison Rayner Quintet

A bunch of good friends together generates positive energy, when they are musicians then their interactions will be more sophisticated, and when they have some music to play that is written and arranged specially for them the interactions will become more characterful still. Give them an audience to play for and the sparks fly. And something magical happens.

The Alison Rayner Quintet have brought their magic to the Birmingham Jazz Friday evening session at The Red Lion before, and tonight they return with a whole new album of tunes to play.

With the double bassist will be, naturally, Deirdre Cartwright on guitar, Diane McLoughlin on saxophones, Steve Lodder on piano, and Buster Birch on drums and percussion. I say naturally, because this is the same band as on the previous ARQ album, August, and it’s the close understanding between them that gives the band its rich character.

Their new album is called A Magic Life, and it’s a generous celebration of just that. These are not simple head-solo-head tunes, they flow through different themes and moods from relaxed and reflective in The OK Chorale and Friday’s Child to edgy and rocking on Mayday.

They sound great on record, so seek out a copy of A Magic Life, now out on Blow The Fuse Records, but they will sound even better at The Red Lion this evening – and of course you will be able to buy a CD too.

  • The Alison Rayner Quintet are at The Red Lion in Warstone Lane, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham this evening from 7.45pm. More on the Birmingham Jazz website HERE.
  • This is just one of many tour dates that started back in September and go right through to April next year. To find out if they are playing near you go HERE.

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