Wondering what to do now it’s all over?

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-16-49-18So, you lucky jazz lovers in London – you’ve had a bit of a feast over the last ten days. And now it’s all gone. You might need a glass of jazz-bicarb to deal with this particular combination of heartburn and the blues.

But once you have had a night or two of rest and done your bit with a more frugal musical diet, the urge will return. And where will you go to satisfy that jazz music fix?

Well, if you are in London, may I recommend Jazz London Live – or rather JAZZLONDONLIVE – which has all you need to know about where and when to go, and who to see there. They even have an App.

  • Find out all about it HERE – and if you forget where to go, there is a link on the right of this page.

And if you live or are visiting a little further north of London, then Jazz In Birmingham is the site for you.

  • It’s HERE – or look out for a pamphlet at venues around town. Again, there is a link permanently on the right of this page.

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3 replies

  1. Hey – you can always come to the ARQ album launch this Thursday at the Virtex. 😉

  2. …..and the Cambridge International Jazz Festival is on ’til the 27th Nov.

  3. Here at the Vortex we are already back in action, with Phelan Burgoyne (featuring Rob Luft) tonight (and more, as Deirdre points out). The London Jazz Festival is a blip in the year-long programme. Shame that the smaller venues are overlooked by press etc during the Festival but it doesn’t put us off.
    Enjoying and performing this music is a year-round activity. Which almost gets forgotten. Hence listings too are vital.

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