Standards with a twist on Wednesday

Lucia Cadotsch's trio

Lucia Cadotsch’s trio

Treating classic jazz standards to new and innovative treatments always makes for enthralling listening. Somehow there is a double pleasure: the old one of a song with the familiarity of your own home; the new one of finding that it has been reorganised and redecorated which has forced you to look at it afresh.

The Swiss singer Lucia Cadotsch takes on the real gems of the repertoire, ones closely associated with the most iconic singers – songs made famous by Billie Holiday like Don’t Explain and Strange Fruit, or by Nina Simone like Ain’t Got No, I Got Life. Or even by Nat King Cole like Moon River.

But her way of singing them, and especially the way she uses her band, is thoroughly original. Tenor saxophonist Otis Sandsjö and double bassist Petter Eldh give her a setting for her voice which is full of surging pulses and complex overtones.

The results can be heard on the trio’s album Speak Low, on the Yellowbird/Enja label, and in person at The Vortex in London tomorrow evening, and at the mac in Birmingham on Wednesday from 8pm.

  • For more details of the Birmingham gig, a TDE Promotion in association with Fizzle, go HERE.

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