Jakob Bro – Streams


The Danish guitarist’s previous trio disc for ECM, Gefion, had a quiet presence that was most attractive but this new one, again with Thomas Morgan on double bass but with Joey Baron replacing Jon Christensen behind the drum kit, is more alluring still.

Perhaps it’s the presence of one of my very favourite drummers? Baron has never been anything other than an absolute joy to my ears. I love his subtlety, his delicacy, his precision, his ability to up the power when needed – and it’s all woven into such a cohesive whole, all delivered with great playfulness. Baron is a grinner when he plays, and it’s impossible not to join him.

Bro has a lovely sparse style, able, like Baron, to stay true to his specific personality over a wide range of sounds and moods, from almost pop-like simplicity, through misty, slipping and sliding nuance to free distortion. He is thoughtful without ever sounding overly introspective.

And between them stands Morgan. What a truly great bassist this studious-looking young man is turning out to be. I reckon he’s the rightful heir to Charlie Haden’s bass throne. He has that ability to walk a stately line, always bursting with melodic strength, always bang on, always making all those around him sound even better than they already do. And appearing to be so simple and straightforward, yet fresh and original. Just like Charlie.

Streams is brimming with beautiful tunes and rippling, swirling grooves, all exquisitely balanced and every track achieving that so hard to define just-rightness. This is a quiet masterpiece of an album.

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