Big Manoeuvre time tonight

Three Step Manouevre

Three Step Manoeuvre

Birmingham-based trio Three Step Manoeuvre has its debut album coming out today and is celebrating this evening at the Dark Horse in Moseley, Birmingham.

The band, which formed in 2013, has the classic organ trio line-up. But if you think that means Dave Ferris on organ, Ben Lee on guitar and Oscar Reynolds on drums will sound like some Jimmy McGriff tribute act, then you’re in for a big surprise. And a mighty refreshing one.

The band has honed its craft doing things like playing late night for dancing at a Pilgrimage session, and while they are big Jimmy Smith fans they also have a lot of time for New Orleans groove merchants like The Meters, the funk of James Brown, the jazz-rock of John Scofield and contemporary funksters like Lettuce.

They welcomed in a couple of guests for the record, singer Cherise Adams-Burnett – more often heard in the band Trope – and flautist Gareth Lockrane, and they will be sitting in with the trio this evening.

Three Step Manoeuvre’s album is called Three Step Strut. It’s available via Bandcamp – and maybe this evening as well!

The launch gig is at the Dark Horse, Alcester Road, Moseley, tonight from 9pm. There will also be a DJ set from Automaton. Tickets are £5.

  • For the event’s Facebook page go HERE.
  • For Three Step Manouevre’s website go HERE

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