Drake, Dunmall and band on the radio tonight

Hamid Drake with Percy Pursglove and Paul Dunmall at the mac earlier this month (Photo © Garry Corbett)

Hamid Drake with Percy Pursglove and Paul Dunmall at the mac earlier this month (Photo © Garry Corbett)

“Style can be the cause of the death of creativity – if you think that your style is greater or better than any other style.” Those were the words of the late, great trumpeter Don Cherry, as related by drummer Hamid Drake during a chat with saxophonist Paul Dunmall and Jazz Now interviewer Soweto Kinch.

Drake was taking assistance from Cherry in explaining to Kinch why he felt comfortable playing across a number of musical “styles” from free jazz to reggae. The U.S. drummer was in Birmingham earlier this month at the invitation of Dunmall and promoter Tony Dudley-Evans. He was the special guest with Dunmall’s band – Steve Tromans on piano, Percy Pursglove on trumpet and Dave Kane on bass – for a TDE Promotions/Fizzle concert at the mac (Garry Corbett’s review and pictures for thejazzbreakfast are HERE).

Steve told me: “It was a magical few days working with these guys…” and if you missed that magic, it’s bound to come across via the radio waves this evening as Jazz Now on BBC Radio 3 lets you listen to their live recording of the mac concert. There is also an interview with Drake and Dunmall – and a small video clip of that is included on the Jazz Now page on the BBC Radio 3 website.

  • So listen this evening from 11pm, or on the BBC iPlayer in the days to come. Full details and that video clip are HERE.

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