Andre Canniere – The Darkening Blue

the-darkening-blue(Whirlwind Recordings)

The third recording on Whirlwind by the American trumpeter now based in London features a sextet and a batch of 10 original tunes, four of them based on poems by Rilke and one with words by Monique Canniere inspired by Charles Bukowski.

With Canniere are singer Brigitte Beraha, tenor saxophonist Tori Freestone, Ivo Neame on piano, keyboards and accordion, bassist Michael Janisch and drummer Ted Poor. They make a lovely sound, with melodic lines flowing easily off into improvisations and back again, and from the sung parts into the instrumentals and out. Beraha has the even tone and phrasing of another horn, albeit with words to sing as well as notes. Neame’s use of occasional keyboards and accordion for backdrops is an effective bonus

The Andre Canniere band

The Andre Canniere band

It’s great to hear Freestone in this slightly more lush setting than in her own pared-back trio recordings, and her sound and solos are some of the most enjoyable parts of this recording. The leader’s fluent style and inflected phrasing sometimes gives the impression of the instrumental tracks having lyrics too – he is a real singing trumpeter. Neame turns in a couple of killer solos.

The band begins a new tour this evening, starting at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in London and then The Spotted Dog in Digbeth, Birmingham, tomorrow night, followed by Wavendon, Cardiff, Liverpool, Sheffield, Poole, Kingston, Walthamstow, Bristol and Bradford.

  • Full details of the tour dates on Andre’s website HERE and The Spotted Dog website is HERE.

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