Apples, wardrobes, toilet seats… but no mention of the jazz breakfast?

Jazz - but not jazz.

Jazz – but not jazz.

Jazz – such a catchy little word. Just four letters; the irresistable double zee at the end. In a way it’s easy to understand the attraction for the marketers, the “product” namers. Everyone likes jazz – there are just not many of them who actually want to listen to it.

Well, I’ll forgive Russell Finch for not mentioning this blog, especially because his BBC Radio 4 programme was called Things Called Jazz That Are Not Jazz, and after all this blog is not in that category. And anyway, he got the marvellous Stewart Lee to contribute to his 30-minute round-up of all things called Jazz but not.

So many classic moments… One man suggested the word shouldn’t be applied to financial services. And there was also mention of “the bourgeois self”. And then there was a Libyan non-alcoholic beer called jazz! A choice little half-hour of radio. Big thanks to Finch and to co-producer Peggy Sutton, always a friend of jazz – the kind that really is jazz.

  • It was on the radio yesterday morning, and you can listen to it on the iPlayer HERE.
  • A link to Russell’s blog from which the programme grew is HERE.
  • And if you do want to know what a jazz breakfast is, go HERE.

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