Steve Tromans mixes philosophical talk and jazz piano in a fresh format

He’s been sharing his Deep Thoughts on this website for a while, but now Birmingham-based Steve Tromans is doing his double thing – philosophical discourse and jazz performance – on Soundcloud.
He writes:
Steve Tromans

Steve Tromans

“I’ve recently recorded an improvised talk on jazz and philosophy/philosophy and jazz, in conjunction with a recording of a performance of Come Rain Or Come Shine by myself, Chris Mapp and Tymoteusz Jozwiak. It’s something I’ve been doing in lectures/workshops and at conferences for a while, but haven’t done online to date. My Deep Thought articles (they are HERE) are along the same line, but rely predominantly on words to express the musical-philosophical message. With this new venture, the two are placed on an equal footing – the words deal with words, the music-making with music-making – but both expressing the same questions/notions, though in different modes of practice.”

  • Take a listen and see what you think – his first Musical-Philosophical Statement is HERE.

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