Sean and four stir up some Fervour

Sean Gibbs

Sean Gibbs

Trumpeter, composer and band leader Sean Gibbs has a new group and it is peforming at The Red Lion on Friday evening. The line-up is completed by Ben Lee on guitar, Andy Bunting on piano, Nick Jurd on bass and Euan Palmer on drums.

Gibbs has built up quite a reputation since coming to Birmingham from Edinburgh. He had played with the Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra and the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland before heading south, and quickly made his mark within Birmingham Conservatoire’s jazz course, graduating with first class honours and winning the BMus jazz prize for his contribution to the life of the department.

Since then he has not only led small groups and been a very busy sideman, but in 2014 he formed and directs the Birmingham Jazz Orchestra.

I asked Sean why the name Fervour and why these particular players?

“Fervour represents the warmth, passion and honesty that we try to bring to the music,” he told me, adding, “I’ve played regularly with Ben Lee since moving to Birmingham five years ago, and he always brings a great vibe with his groove and heartfelt, melodic improvising. Andy Bunting is someone I’ve always wanted to play with more often as I greatly admire his musicianship, particularly his ability to develop a single idea through seemingly endless permutations.

“Nick Jurd can always be relied upon for his rock solid time and bold, inventive playing, taking the music wherever it needs to go. I’ve had the good fortune of playing regularly with Euan Palmer over the past few years with Young Pilgrims. He brings a fantastic feel and is always very supportive in improvised contexts, listening intently and adding his own ideas to the mix.”

Were there any identifiable influences and a specific ethos to Fervour?

Sean told me: “A couple of influences I could cite would be Dave Holland’s Prism and the music of John Scofield. The basic idea for the band was to play music which combined elements of the jazz tradition with the earthy grooves of blues and rock which I have always loved.”

And did that mean he wrote differently for this band?

” I try to write with the specific players of each band in mind. In that sense the music becomes a combination of my composing style (whatever that may be) and the distinct personalities of the musicians playing it.”

  • Sean Gibbs’ Fervour can be heard at The Red Lion in Warstone Lane, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham on Friday, courtesy of Birmingham Jazz. The music starts at 7.45pm. More HERE.

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