In Love With – the art of improv

In Love With

In Love With

Following on from U.S. jazz improv last month which featured Ken Vandermark and Nate Wooley, TDE Promotions and Fizzle have some cutting edge music from France this month.

Last time he was here drummer Sylvain Darrifourcq was In Bed With – a trio with Julian Deprez on guitar and Kit Downes on keyboards; now Sylvain is In Love With – also a trio, this time with Théo Ceccaldi on violin and his brother Valentin on cello.

After their Newcastle performance, Paul Bream wrote:

“I’d say the music is primarily driven by the strong, at times almost hypnotic, rhythmic hooks set up by Sylvain, with Théo and Valentin weaving lines over the top, sometimes in unison, sometimes in fractured counterpoint with each other. There are certainly significant composed elements, but these are possibly easier to identify on their CD, which separates the different pieces, whereas in their performance in Newcastle they played one continuous set with the tunes segueing into each other, and the interface between composition and improvisation so seamless that it was hard – and probably pointless – to try and identify where one component ended and another started. Best just go with the flow!”

  • In Love With play in the mac Hexagon on Wednesday 8 June from 8pm. All you need is HERE.


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