Tonbruket – Forevergreens


This is the fourth album from the band E.S.T. double bassist Dan Berglund formed following the death of Esbjörn Svensson.

Again the band is a quartet with Martin Hederos on piano, synthesizers and violin, Johan Lindström on guitar, pedal steel and keyboards and Andreas Werliin on drums and percussion, and again the general flavour is of an experimental jazz-rock one.

In fact, it gets perilously close to Slade or Marc Bolan territory with pieces like Tarantella and Linton, its rock drumming and chugging rhythm staying on the straight and narrow beat, while Lindström uses heavy sustain above. One listen probably gives you all you will ever need to know about these tracks.

The album gets more interesting when the band broadens to include acoustic guitar and guest Ane Brun’s voice on Sinkadus, pushes Hederos’s piano and Lindström’s pedal steel into the foreground on Music For The Sun King, or gets whimsical with acoustic guitar, acoustic piano and echoey kitchen percussion on Frösön. Polka Oblivion, with violin leading the way and added reeds, takes us into the gloomy backstreet cafés of Eastern Europe, while The Missing finds Tonbruket at the core of its distinctive character.

Overall, what is striking about Tonbruket is how it sounds now like part of a post-jazz movement not because it is doing things very differently from how it started six years ago, but because other bands have started to move in a similar direction in the intervening years.

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