Big night at The Dog – with a take-away bonus

Copies of #jazzdoesnaegrowontrees being prepared for this evening.

Copies of #jazzdoesnaegrowontrees being prepared for this evening.

Yep, every Tuesday could legitimately be called a big night at The Spotted Dog – the performers are always excellent, the room is always jumping. But tonight there is the added attraction of a classy little something to take home.

It’s a CD called #jazzdoesnaegrowontrees – an acknowledgement in the title of organisers Richard Foote’s and Jonathan Silk’s land of birth and resolutely-maintained accents – and on it you will find many of the fine Birmingham-based bands that have contributed strongly to The Dog’s success.

There are tracks by David Austin Grey’s Hansu-Tori, the Birmingham Jazz Orchestra, Mark Pringle’s A Moveable Feast, the Toby Boalch Sextet, Chris Young’s Outward Quartet and Stella Roberts’ FRIDA, plus a couple from The Dog’s Kings Heath sister night, Pilgrimage, Young Pilgrims and Δutumn. And then there are live tracks from the Mike Fletcher Trio and the Jonathan Silk Big Band.

Sean Gibbs

Sean Gibbs

And the band chosen to help celebrate the launch? Well, of course it has to be the band of another BrumScot (shall we call them?) the terrific trumpeter Sean Gibbs. It is his music the BJO is playing on #jazzdoesnaegrowontrees and tonight he leads his Quintet.

It all happens from 9pm and will probably go very late. Take loads of cash along because in addition to the £5 minimum (and that’s the bargain of the year) for the band and a bit for the excellent ales at the bar, you’ll need loads of extra notes to buy all those CDs.

I’m particularly looking forward to getting my copy of #jazzdoesnaegrowontrees because as someone who is constantly banging on about how bloody marvellous the Birmingham jazz scene is, I will now have a neat one-stop silver disc of evidence to back up my claims. It’s a pretty convincing case, I’d say.

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