2015 Festive 50 – 30-21

A further mix of jazz with myriad influences, from folk to soul to classical, and with a few U.S. discs in among the Europeans. I realise it is slightly strange to see a young band from Denmark’s second largest city ranked way above the trio that forms Wayne Shorter’s quartet, but as I have stressed all along, these are the albums that most favourably tickled my senses, placed in some kind of order, rather than an attempt at a year’s “best”.

half-finished heaven30

Sinikka Langeland

The Half-Finished Heaven


Organic, natural, brimming with stress-busters and very good for us all. Full review here.

children of the light29

Danilo Pérez/John Patitucci/Brian Blade

Children Of The Light

(Mack Avenue)

Wayne’s men are doing it for themselves. Full review here.

impossible things28

Corrie Dick

Impossible Things

(Chaos Collective)

Drummer who brings his many projects and friends together. Full review here.

this is the day27

Giovanni Guidi Trio

This Is The Day


More music I heard live in the Sendesaal in Bremen on ECM Club Night. Coming to Cheltenham in 2016, I hear. Full review here.

freedom and surrender26

Lizz Wright

Freedom & Surrender


The honey-larynxed singer in joyous mood. Full review here.

rainy omen25


Rainy Omen


Loads of post-jazz/rock atmoshphere from a (confusingly) Norwegian band. Full review here.

the melody24

Kenny Werner

The Melody


A pianist who understands that melody is key, but so is rhythm. Full review here.


Tom Green Septet



Young London trombonist who makes his band sound bigger. Full review here.

past present22

John Scofield

Past Present


Sco’ and Lov’ reunited after all these years – hurrah! Full review here.


Jakob Sørensen


(Jaeger Community Music)

An unexpected and refreshing delight which has its origins in a cottage among the Danish dunes. Full review here.

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