The zygotic nucleus gets fertilized tomorrow and Friday…

Gonimoblast (Photo © Iza Korsak)

Gonimoblast (Photo © Iza Korsak)

… and we all know what gets generated when that happens in red algae: gonimoblast, right?! That’s what I have been able to suss out, anyway, from an online dictionary and from that jolly useful thing created by Jimmy Wales.

Luckily there will be no red algae getting in the way at The Crossing in Digbeth on these two nights, but there will be ample doses of Gonimoblast, the band formed by Birmingham-based bassist and current Jazzlines Fellow, Chris Mapp.

With Chris will be “Leafcutter” John on electronics, Dan Nicholls on keyboards and electronics, and Mark Sanders on drums (The band’s original trumpeter Sam Wooster is currently on the other side of the world). And then there are two very special guests: vocalist Maja Ratkje tomorow and trumpeter Arve Henriksen on Friday.

It’s a stroke of genius to get these two Norwegians in as collaborators because Chris takes a lot of inspiration from the creative experimentalists in Norway’s improv scene as well as the kind of musicians drawn to that country’s Punkt festival with its accent on electronics and live sampling.

  • You can find out a lot more about Chris’s fresh attitude to genre-busting and the innovative music which results on his website here.
  • More information about the gigs tomorrow (Thur 26) and Friday 27 at The Crossing, South & City College, in Digbeth from 8pm, presented by Jazzlines and supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, are here and here.

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