There’s a bit going on down South

ljn logoYou might have noticed but there is quite a lot of jazz in London at the moment. Something to do with the EFG London Jazz Festival, I’m guessing.

Because there is also quite a lot going on in the West Midlands this week and next – Amok Amor and Liane Carroll this past Tuesday, the Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra and Partisans tonight, some of the Schneider band as the MSJO Quintet tomorrow as well as Pilgrimage, Gilad Hekselman on Sunday, Kristian Borring on Tuesday, Chris Mapp’s Gonimoblast with special guests  next Thursday and Friday, and then a whole weekend of jazz in Coventry at #4Jazz Festival – thejazzbreakfast has not ventured south to the Big Damson.

But if you want to know what’s happening down there, including just how good or otherwise that increasingly discussed Cassandra Wilson late-show concert was, I cannot recommend highly enough the coverage you will find on London Jazz News.

  • Go here.
  • And should you have lost track of those Birmingham gigs, they are here.

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