The Spotted Dog gets serious online

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.02.40Jazz At The Spotted Dog has a smart new website – it’s another of the sure steps the organisers of the sessions at the Digbeth pub have been taking in the past year to build the Dog’s reputation as one of the most exciting and dynamic venues in the city… no, make that the country.

Jonathan Silk and Richard Foote – Spotted Dog Bros to their admirers – took over the regular sessions in 2013 – they had been started by Mike Fletcher and Miriam Pau two years earlier – and with the invaluable support of a sympathetic landlord and a lot of hard work they have established the kind of reputation for high quality music and a great atmosphere that has Wynton Marsalis popping in for a post-concert jam, and musicians like Julian Argüelles and Liane Carroll choosing to include it among their performance venues of choice.

Liane Carroll is playing at the Dog tomorrow evening, the Kristian Borring Quartet is there next week and the Tuesday delights continue right up to traditional Christmas Big Band party on 15 December, with Jonathan Silk directing proceedings from behind a tinsel-bedecked drum kit (well, I don’t know if that last description is accurate but it better be now!)

Now you can find out more about all this without having to wade through loads of cutesy cat pictures and other distractions on Facebook or search through countless Tweets (though of course The Spotted Dog will continue to be active on social media), you can go straight to their one-stop online portal, complete with great photographs from Iza Korsak.

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