Bruno Heinen & Kristian Borring – Postcard To Bill Evans

postcard to bill evans(Babel Label)

Bruno Heinen tells how, when he was 18 and playing classical piano, his uncle gave him a copy of Bill Evans’ Sunday At The Village Vanguard. Yep, that’s the way that young lives can be changed forever.

Now, Heinen gets to wear that abiding influence prominently on his sleeve while guitarist Kristian Borring flies the flag for Jim Hall. They stay true to their heroes’ mood, keeping things stepping along sprightly and fluently, their considerable expertise worn lightly for the most part.

Skidoo is particularly lovely, echoing that Evans surface dreaminess which was always underpinned by acutely intelligent harmony, while Five really bops along.

If there is a slight feeling of over-reverence in the first nine tracks recorded in the studio, it is confirmed by the tenth, a much more energised live romp through Jerome Kern’s All The Things You Are from last year at The Vortex.

Which all suggests that while you will like Postcard To Bill Evans, you will really love Bruno Heinen and Kristian Borring live.

  • Hear them at Sheffield Firth Hall on Friday 24 October, downstairs at The Vortex as part of the London Jazz Festival on 14 November, and in the Royal Festival Hall foyer, Southbank, London on 22 January 2016.

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  1. Kristian is coming to Birmingham jazz in May too!

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