Fizzle and The Dog overflow with generosity in Freshers’ Week



Students arriving at Birmingham Conservatoire to study jazz get their best shot at mid-week excess this evening with an appetising double-tot Fizzle session at the Lamp Tavern followed by a mammoth four-band binge at The Spotted Dog.

Fizzle offers Treppenwitz (Matthew Aplin on piano, Tom Riviere on double bass and Steve Hanley on drums) as well as a quartet of Bruce Coates and Alan Jenkins on reeds, Lorin Halsall on bass and electronics, and Walt Shaw on percussion and electronics. The Lamp Tavern is in Barford Street, Digbeth, B5 6AH, and the music starts at 7.30pm. Entrance is £5 on the door.

At The Spotted Dog the line-up goes like this: David Austin Grey’s Hansu-Tori; Chris Young’s Outward Quintet; the Chris Maddock Quintet; and Jonathan Silk’s new band Sizwe. This all gets going at 9pm, and if there is time there might be a jam session hosted by Nathan England Jones. The Spotted Dog is in Warwick Street, Digbeth B12 0HN. The beer tankard goes round in between the music and less than a fiver draws expressions of deep disappointment or scorn, depending…

Forget the jazz hangover you are likely to experience tomorrow morning. Tonight could change your life.

  • Follow Fizzle here and The Spotted Dog here.

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