Pursglove and Bain head for the Pure life

pure sessionsThe Yorks Bakery Sessions are no more; welcome to The Pure Sessions. Trumpeter/bassist Percy Pursglove and drummer Andrew Bain have switched their regular Monday evening jazz sessions from Yorks in Newhall St, central Birmingham, to the Purecraft Bar and Kitchen in Waterloo St, not far away on the edge of Victoria Square.

Percy and Andy are two of the finest jazz musicians playing in this city and they have lots of similarly skilled friends who will be joining them in the weeks to come.

The time is the same – Monday from 7.30 to 9pm – and the first session is on 28 September. Appearing with Percy and Andy then will be Mark Hodgson on bass and Jez Franks on guitar. And word on the street is that pickled eggs will be available!

So do go along if you can – oh, and drink lots of beer/eat lots of pickled eggs so Purecraft will like you more and will therefore like jazz more, too.

  • Get following The Pure Sessions on their Facebook page here and on Twitter here.
  • The Purecraft Bar & Kitchen website is here.

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