Third Reel – Many More Days

many more days(ECM 472 3813)

Third Reel is Nicolas Masson on tenor and soprano saxophones, and clarinet, Roberto Pianca on guitar and Emanuele Maniscalco on drums and piano. This is their second album on ECM.

The fact that Pianca uses his guitar in a similar way to Eivind Aarset creating atmospheres and multi-layered drones that surround the other instruments, and Maniscalco’s dual role, sometimes on drums but sometimes on piano, gives the trio a broad palette.

The timbre of mournful clarinet coupled with shadowing piano against the broad background sweep of the guitar texture in the track Afterwards gives the impression of small figures at the centre of a vast space; The complimentary sound of saxophone and more conventional guitar sound with brushed drums in support offer a rich and gleaming overall sound on Fourth Reel.

While the chamber jazz feel is predominant in the first half of the album, much of which is composed by Maniscalco, things get marginally more lyrical later on with Masson responsible for much of the writing. Fast Forward, with its low resonant foghorn tones, is particularly evocative.

There is much fine writing but also, as the drummer/pianist stresses, the pieces are “always conceived as material for multiple, unpredictable developments”.

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