Gary Peacock Trio – Now This

now this(ECM 471 5388)

This album was released last month, just in time to coincide with the double bassist’s 80th birthday. It  also marks his 40th appearance on an ECM release. With him are Marc Copeland on piano and Joey Baron on drums.

In some ways the penultimate track is a fine starting point. It is Gloria’s Step, a piece most strongly associated with the Bill Evans Trio and written by Scott La Faro, perhaps the most famous holder of that bass chair which Peacock would subsequently fill (after his time in Paul Bley’s trio and before his long and ongoing tenure in Keith Jarrett’s). Peacock leads with the bass melody line, and his trio’s interpretation is both affectionately true to the original while adding personal nuances to the harmony and phrasing.

The other ten tracks are mainly by Peacock, with two from Copland and one from Baron. They play them with a complete balance of the three instruments, Peacock taking a lot of the melodies with his characteristic singing tone, Copland adding richly coloured accents and chords which run deep, while Baron is both propulsive and a masterful painter in sound as well.

A generally reflective album which takes a while to fully reveal its treasures.

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