Paolo Fresu & Daniele di Bonaventura – In Maggiore

in maggiore(ECM 471 0051)

The last time out this Sardinian trumpeter and Italian bandoneon player had the Corsican vocal group A Filetta with them. This time they are just a duo, playing, if the booklet photographs are accurate, in a deserted auditorium in Lugano, the gloom outside seeping into the control room itself.

There is a certain melancholy air on the surface of the music too, but beneath it beats two Mediterranean hearts which match reflection with nuanced passion.

The music comes mainly from their own pens, briefly together on Sketches which sounds like a spontaneous improvisation, but mostly separately. Other composers include the Brazilian Chico Buarque and the Chilean Victor Jara. And there is the pair’s interpretation of Quando me’n vò from Puccini’s La Bohème.

Fresu thrives in this duo context – I heard him once to great effect with guitarist Ralph Towner at The Edge in Much Wenlock – and the intimacy of this recording is not only felt in the rapport between the two musicians but in the click and clack of di Bonaventura’s bandoneon, and in the breath from Fresu’s trumpet and flugelhorn.

For an achingly beautiful example of the duo at their most concise, try Paolo Fresu’s Apnea.

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