A little taste of Percy Pursglove’s Far Reaching Dreams of Mortal Souls

One of the highlights of my concert-going in recent years was the premiere at the CBSO Centre in Birmingham last October of trumpeter Percy Pursglove’s Far Reaching Dreams Of Mortal Souls, an incredibly ambitious and, I think, incredibly successful, suite of music for instrumental ensemble and voices, celebrating the words of remarkable people. My review of that performance is here.

Now (an overly modest) Percy has put a brief section of it up as a video on his Facebook page. I look forward to many further performances which I think it deserves and also to a recording, but both of these will take quite a bit of investment. Surely there are organisations and people out there who can help bring this exceptionally fine work to a wider audience?

I am posting the YouTube version below but for all the credits and more information about it you need to go to Percy’s Facebook page which I think you can access here.

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  1. I’ve heard many good things about this composition and would be prepared to travel considerable distances if/when it is performed again. In its themes and choral quality, it reminds of Tommy Evans Orchestra ‘Green Seagull’ Suite. Even though it’s a large ensemble, surely a recording (maybe through Crowdfunding) is a possibility?

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