Stoney Lane Brummies heading for the Big Damson

TG Collective

TG Collective

The U.S. of A has its Big Apple that tempts artists and pleasure seekers from around the world with its crisp skin and crunchy flesh; The U. of K. has its own fruity magnet – let’s call it after that most English of fruits, the Big Damson.

At the end of this month some Brummies will be sinking their teeth into its tart flesh – yes, I know they are there all the time but this is a more formal visit – in the form of artists recording on the newly-established, Brum-based Stoney Lane Records label, and they will be displaying their musical wares in the relatively newly-hallowed halls of Kings Place on three separate occasions in the coming months.

Tony Dudley-Evans, programme advisor to Jazzlines Birmingham and Cheltenham Jazz Festival, says of Stoney Lane: “At last there is an innovative label dedicated to the brilliant scene here in Birmingham and to the many excellent players emerging.”

TG Collective, purveyors of flamenco and gypsy jazz given an English twist, and the Mike Fletcher Trio, led by the ECHO Rising Star and bringing a fresh approach to the borderlands where composition and swing meet freedom and improv, are the first Stoney Lane artists to be featured and will be at Kings Place on Saturday 30 May. We’re promised not only sets by each group but a new joint piece combining the two bands.

  • You can find out more about Stoney Lane Records here, and read an interview with founder Sam Slater here.
  • You can find out more about the Kings Place double bill and book tickets here.

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