Fulvio Sigurtà – The Oldest Living Thing

the oldest living thing(CamJazz CAMJ7886-2)

Sigurtà, born in Italy and schooled at Conservatorio Luca Marenzio and Berklee in Boston, has a marvellous modern European trumpet sound, neither Milesian cool nor Marsalis hot, rich and clear in tone, glossy but in a rich way that goes below the surface.

For this trio date he has American Steve Swallow on electric bass and fellow Italian Federico Casagrande on acoustic guitar. The two Italians share the compositional duties and the programme is arranged around Ennio Morricone’s Nuovo Cinema Paradiso.

Sigurtà writes a pretty tune, and the title track is just one example. It seems to share with the compositions of Norwegian trumpeter Matthias Eick an allegiance more to pop/folk structure and feel than to those of jazz, but I don’t find the Italian’s melodies make quite the connection with me that the Norwegian’s do. I prefer him on a spikier piece like his Travel Back.

In the excellent liner note by Brian Morton, he links Sigurtà with the late Kenny Wheeler. It’s a connection I don’t quite get. Certainly some of Wheeler’s ambiguous mood is present but Sigurtà’s tone is much more direct. He certainly rarely goes up for those high smeared notes.

The ambience throughout is one of calm and reflection, contented rather than searching, with a glimmer of that light I always enjoy from Mediterranean players. It’s a lovely three-way conversation between like-minded musicians.

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  1. Wonderful, thanks Peter! Glad you enjoyed it, if not exactly fell in love!



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