Wild Flower Sextet – Wild Flower

wild flower(Jellymould JM-JJ017)

This young British six-piece is led by Matt Anderson and inspired by that giant figure of jazz’s last 60 years, Wayne Shorter.

With Anderson on tenor saxophone are Laura Jurd on trumpet, Alex Munk on electric guitar, Jamil Sheriff on piano, Sam Vicary on double bass and Sam Gardner on drums.

The strength of this debut album – and no doubt the band in live performance, as they were for most of February touring this music around the country – is that although Shorter may be the inspiration these musicians – some trained in Leeds some in London – are very much their own people.

We’re familiar with Jurd’s distinctive sound and style from her own bands, and Sheriff is also a leader in his own right, while Gardner and Vicary are familiar sidemen, as is Munk. Anderson might share instruments with Shorter but his tone is nothing like the New Jersey man’s, smooth rather than gruff, flowing rather than clipped.

The material is split down the middle, half Anderson’s and half Shorter’s, and as with the tenor playing, the compositions are more silky when they are Anderson’s, more wode-woven when they are Shorter’s.

I’m guessing that while Mr Gone’s influence might have been this band’s source, he might have got up and done just that by the time they get on to their next album.

This is a strong start from six players who sound like they get on very well together. Try the Shorter tune Masqualero for Wild Flower at its cooking best.

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  1. Saw them at Lescar Jazz, Sheffield a few weeks back. Very accomplished, both as individual soloists and as a unit. Further proof that Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham are making an equally important contribution to the number of great young bands making thier mark on the British jazz scene.

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