Vincent Peirani – Living Being

living being(ACT 9584-2)

Two accordion-led bands in a week! This is a French one and features a new Vincent Peirani band, with the leader and his regular collaborator Emile Parisien on saxophones joined by Tony Paeleman on Fender Rhodes, Julien Herné on electric bass and Yoann Serra on drums.

The sound, as can be surmised from those instruments, is a lot more electric than Streetworks, though the music is as eclectic. Peirani is classically trained and his tastes are broad, so we get jazz with World, classical, pop and R’n’B tinges.

All the tunes are the leader’s with the exception of one by Michel Portal and one by Jeff Buckley (Dream Brother, not one I’m familiar with).

The overlaying of saxophone and accordion on the funkiness of the Rhodes-driven rhythm team is fresh and the results are lively and wide-ranging in mood.

Try Air Song for a lesson in how to make fairly complex material connect with directness and impact.

Great fun.

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