Good news for the jazz exclusivists

The Jazz Record Center in New York

The Jazz Record Center in New York

Increasingly esoteric. An ever-narrowing niche. More exclusive than ever before. Are these statements that bring a light to your eye and a spring to your step? Well, you’re in luck because the 2014 Nielsen Music U.S. Report has announced that jazz is now, officially, the least popular recorded music genre in the States.

Jazz matched Classical music in terms of total “consumption” in the genre breakdown (both have 1.4% of total sales) but Classical pipped Jazz in album sales (2.1% against 2%). Jazz had the edge in track sales (0.6% against 0.5%) and they were even Stevens when it came to streams (0.3%).

Of course these figures are just for the U.S., just for 2014 and just for recorded music. And live jazz may be in a stronger position (he says with a fixed smile and determinedly raised eyebrows).

  • David La Rosa, editor of The Jazz Line, has more detail and links to the Nielsen press release here.

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