Troyka – Ornithophobia

ornithophobia(Naim naimcd210)

This is the third album from the trio of Chris Montague on guitar, Joshua Blackmore on drums and Kit Downes on keyboards. The band treated the Birmingham audience of the bigger Troyk-estra to a preview back in November.

All the musical influences of the previous two albums – and they are many, including electronic dance music, prog rock, experimental and industrial rock – are here but melded together in a deeper, more integrated fashion. The result is the trio’s best album yet.

If near the start of the CD – Arcades, Life Was Transient (a reworking of Troyka material by producer Petter Eldh in his Berlin studio) and Ornithophobia – it all feels a little too head-clever and heart-absent, the album begins to gain added emotional weight as it becomes more spacey and abstract. Bamburgh and Seahouses (yep, Montague the composer is from the North East) have a mysterious mistiness to them, while Downes’ The General generates various catchy but strange little melodies the way Frank Zappa does.

For lovers of dystopian graphic fiction or film, this is the perfect soundtrack.

  • Troyka play the mac, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham on Wednesday 25 February. Full details and booking here.

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